Support the Aquamacs Project

We depend on your generosity!

If you like Aquamacs, then please donate some money. We're sorry for being a bit obnoxious about this, but the Aquamacs developers count on you.


You can use any international credit/debit card or also a Paypal account. We also accept Bitcoin.

Aquamacs is free software, but producing it costs a lot of time and also some real cash. Over the past 9 years, a single developer has produced and combined the majority of the code that makes Aquamacs unique compared to a standard Emacs implementation. A number of other volunteers helped by means of bug reporting and making helpful suggestions, through documentation and support, and through contributing special packages.

Your donation is a gift - we do not promise anything in return. However, we are grateful for your support.

Donors may, usually shortly before the next major release, receive a (single) thank-you e-mail from the maintainer, including a special update about progress with the project.

International transfers
Details of a bank account (IBAN/BIC) suitable for international transfers and free transfers from the Euro zone, can also be provided. Contact us for information.

If you'd like to send Bitcoins, send them to 12qRA9NsFq4crrubzpf2HqcrzbxpN9cVDW . Please drop us a line if you do.

Corporate Sponsorships
If you would like to make an institutional contribution to ensure the long-term viability of this project, please contact the lead developer, david.reitter (at)

Your contribution counts. Many thanks!

Contributing code
You are most welcome to contribute code to the Aquamacs project. Please submit patches against the current head revision in the Git repository, or against the latest release. We ask that you write the code yourself, and that, if the code is not Mac-specific and of interest to the whole Emacs community, we can forward your contribution upstream to the GNU Emacs project so that even more people can benefit from your work.