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Feature Matrix

From the modern dock icon to the apple services support to the ability to use all of your fonts and shortcuts; this is a modern Mac OS X application.

How does Aquamacs fare compared to other editors? Here's what Aquamacs can and cannot do compared to some popular editors on the Mac.

Feature Aquamacs Emacs GNU Emacs 22 BBEdit 8.0 Smultron
Copy & Paste X11/Unix-like  
Syntax Coloring Major languages like C and XML
Exotic languages like Prolog    
Printing WYSIWYG
Code folding (outline mode) (outline mode)
Free use of all fonts
HTML Support good ok great
LaTeX Support very good decent basic basic
Reformatting / Indenting (syntax based)
Auto-complete phrases ("Code Sense")
Color Themes Supported
predefined sets
Exports to PDF via Print
Unix Shell Support
Tool Bar Supported
Individually switchable
Help / Documentation Apple Help, PDF, info only info, PDF online Apple Help (some), PDF Apple Help (basic)
Compare and Merge
Search & Replace: Regular Expressions
Scriptable? Macro-Language? fully (elisp) fully (elisp) partially (AppleScript)
Version Control CVS, SVN, Git CVS, SVN CVS, SVN
Multi-Language Input Methods native, Emacs native, Emacs native
Multiple Buffers per Window Supported
Tabbed Editing
Window per file
Saves cursor position in file persistently
Customizability extensive, often hard extensive, almost always hard some, easy basic, easy
Cross-Platform subset fully
Spell-Checking ispell, aspell (installer package) ispell, aspell (manual install) OS X native OS X native
Overall Features
Ease of Use for Novices
Compliance with Mac UI
Compliance with Emacs UI N/A N/A
Built-in Shrink :-)
Price free, donation USD$/€20 free USD$199 free
License / Source GPL GPL closed source GPL

Note: This table is obviously subjective. If you have suggestions, please subscribe and write to the Aquamacs mailing list. There is also a noteworthy comparative review of text editors at Wikipedia.