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Features: Why use Aquamacs?

Aquamacs. Finally a GNU Emacs that feels like home.

Get all the flexibility and variety of Emacs - and the comfort of the modern graphical user interface that you're used to from other Mac applications.

Why use Aquamacs instead of a raw GNU Emacs?

Why use Aquamacs instead of the stock Carbon or X11 Emacs on the Mac? Here are some features that Aquamacs has to offer on top of all the advantages that come with Emacs:

Incomplete List of Keyboard Shortcuts

These shortcuts are in addition to all the Emacs shortcuts you might be used to. hk
Shortcut Elisp Command Function
⌘N new-frame-with-new-scratch Open a new empty window/frame
⌘O mac-find-file-other-frame Open a new window/frame with a file
⇧⌘S mac-key-save-file-as Save as (using file panel)
⇧⌘O mac-key-open-file-other-frame Find file in another frame (using file panel)
⌘A mark-whole-buffer Select all text
⌘V cua-paste (yank) Paste text
⌘C clipboard-kill-ring-save Copy text
⌘X clipboard-kill-region Cut text
⌘S mac-key-save-file Save file
⌘L goto-line Go to specified line
⌘F isearch-forward Search
⌘G isearch-repeat-forward Repeat search
⌘W close-window Close window
⌘M iconify-or-deiconify-frame Minimize window to the Dock
⌘Q aquamacs-save-buffers-kill-emacs Save file, exit program
⌘Z undo Undo
⇧⌘Z redo Redo
⌘; spellcheck-now Interactive spell-checking
^; toggle-pass-option-to-system Toggle: allow input of special characters with Option key / use Option key as Emacs Meta key

Included Third-Party Packages

Aquamacs 3.x is based on GNU Emacs 24. The following list is incomplete but gives an impression of what comes with Aquamacs.

Aquamacs additionally activates a number of packages that are provided with the default emacs, such as cua-base, ibuffer, recentf. The GNU Emacs code-base is patched. Please see the CVS for the collection of patches and additional source-files.

Configuration: Tips and Tricks

Please refer to the Aquamacs Wiki. If you now some tricks yourself, please contribute them by clicking on "Edit this page" - no login / password necessary!