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Features: Why use Aquamacs?

Aquamacs. Finally a GNU Emacs that feels like home.

Get all the flexibility and variety of Emacs - and the comfort of the modern graphical user interface that you're used to from other Mac applications.

Why use Aquamacs instead of a raw GNU Emacs?

Why use Aquamacs instead of the a stock Carbon or X11 Emacs on the Mac? Here are some features that Aquamacs has to offer on top of all the advantages that come with Emacs:

Incomplete List of Keyboard Shortcuts

These shortcuts are in addition to all the Emacs shortcuts you migh be used to. hk
Shortcut Elisp Command Function
⌘N new-frame-with-new-scratch Open a new empty window/frame
⌘O mac-find-file-other-frame Open a new window/frame with a file
⇧⌘S mac-key-save-file-as Save as (using file panel)
⇧⌘O mac-key-open-file-other-frame Find file in another frame (using file panel)
⌘A mark-whole-buffer Select all text
⌘V cua-paste (yank) Paste text
⌘C clipboard-kill-ring-save Copy text
⌘X clipboard-kill-region Cut text
⌘S mac-key-save-file Save file
⌘L goto-line Go to specified line
⌘F isearch-forward Search
⌘G isearch-repeat-forward Repeat search
⌘W close-window Close window
⌘M iconify-or-deiconify-frame Minimize window to the Dock
⌘Q aquamacs-save-buffers-kill-emacs Save file, exit program
⌘Z undo Undo
⇧⌘Z redo Redo
⌘; spellcheck-now Interactive spell-checking
^; toggle-pass-option-to-system Toggle: allow input of special characters with Option key / use Option key as Emacs Meta key

Included Third-Party Packages

Aquamacs 3.x is based on GNU Emacs 24. The following list is incomplete but gives an impression of what comes with Aquamacs.

Aquamacs additionally activates a number of packages that are provided with the default emacs, such as cua-base, ibuffer, recentf. The GNU Emacs code-base is patched. Please see the CVS for the collection of patches and additional source-files.

Configuration: Tips and Tricks

Please refer to the Aquamacs Wiki. If you now some tricks yourself, please contribute them by clicking on "Edit this page" - no login / password necessary!