Help & Support

We'd love to hear from you: your ideas, your experiences, your problems with Aquamacs.

Documentation is readily available—please look there before contacting us.

  • The Help menu has the Aquamacs manual

  • Check out the Aquamacs Wiki page on the EmacsWiki. You may also use the Aquamacs Wiki to add and tips for customizing and improving Aquamacs.

  • Google: all our mailing lists are indexed.

Bug reports

  • You can send a bug report from within Aquamacs using Help->Diagnose and Report Bug->Send Bug report... or with M-x report-aquamacs-bug. This method includes some helpful details about the Aquamacs version and basic version information about your Mac.

  • Our Bug Reporting Guidelines suggest some ways to make them most helpful to the Aquamacs team.

  • If you are unable to use the bug reporting function, please send your bug report directly by email to

If you have a problem with a particular mode and you're sure that the bug occurs when using that mode with a plain GNU Emacs (not Aquamacs), then try to get in touch with the developers of that mode.

Before reporting a bug, see if it occurs in Aquamacs without your personal configuration. This can be done from the Help menu with Help->Diagnose and Report Bugs->Start Aquamacs without customizations. A new Aquamacs will open, with default settings. Can you reproduce the problem there?

  • If so, please include the steps needed to reproduce in your bug report.

  • If not, look at your personal settings. It's likely that the bug is either in the your settings is triggered by them.

Depending on how you have things configured, the relevant settings may be in

  • ~/Library/Preferences/Aquamacs Emacs/customizations.el

  • ~/Library/Preferences/Aquamacs Emacs/Preferences.el

  • ~/.emacs.el

  • ~/.emacs

  • ~/.emacs.d

Questions should be directed to the Emacs-on-OSX mailing list.

Developers can talk on the Aquamacs-devel mailing list (posters must subscribe). Concrete ideas and feature suggestions can be posted here, too.