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Aquamacs is a modern editor based on GNU Emacs that makes the Mac user feel at home. Read More

Project News

Aquamacs 3.1a released. 2014-10-22
Aquamacs 3.1a contains bug fixes and is recommended for new users and for anyone with running OS X versions prior to 10.9. Aquamacs 3.1 released. 2014-10-20
Aquamacs 3.1 is based on the new Emacs 24.4 release. It provides a number of improvements and bug fixes.

See the full changelog for details.

Aquamacs 3.0a released. 2014-01-20
Aquamacs 3.0a now incorporates the much-advanced Emacs 24 with full support for bidirectional editing, better text completion and much more. Aquamacs now provides up-to-date "Mavericks" features and works better with Apple's high-resolution Retina displays. Many major modes have been updated, and Aquamacs is more reliable and faster than ever. (Aquamacs works on any modern-day Mac, that is, on 64-bit Intel Macs with OS X 10.6 or newer.)